Board of Directors

Meet the innovators behind We Pivot supporting a more equitable and just tech sector. If you would like to volunteer, start a chapter, or support our work, please contact us.

Portrait of Marisa Catalina Casey

Marisa Catalina Casey


Marisa is a storyteller using her social entrepreneurship and creative skills to support diverse mission-based organizations. Marisa founded and led the nonprofit organization Starting Artists and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador. She is an author, writer, designer, educator, and has previously supported human rights, international development, adoption, and women’s rights organizations. She is the former Director of Marketing for Girl Develop It.

She/her/ella – based in Berkeley, CA

Portrait of Sean Warsaw

Sean Warsaw

Vice Chair – Programs

Sean is a Senior Designer at IBM, with over 10 years of experience in tech. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship, the intersection of design and public policy, and creating pathways into design for teens and young adults from underrepresented backgrounds. An avid reader, thinker and change maker, Sean is always exploring opportunities to turn new ideas into actions that disrupt the status quo. He also currently serves as an advisory board member for the College of Science and Technology at North Carolina A&T.   

He/him – based in Raleigh, NC

Portrait of Jon Jackson

Jon Jackson

Vice Chair – Operations

Jon has had a long career in tech, working through the ranks as a software developer to currently being an engineering manager. Jon has a passion for combining education and tech and using them as vehicles for change. 

He/him – based in Milwaukee, WI

Portrait of Taye Johnson

Taye Johnson


Taye is a technologist with years of experience working within the global data industry. Throughout the years she has worked for startups, nonprofits, and global enterprises. She has worked in Data Governance and as an After-School Coding Instructor. Taye is also an advocate for diversifying tech and facilitates technical workshops outside of her professional role at emerging nonprofits.

She/her – based in Brooklyn, NY

Portrait of Kelli Dore

Kelli Dore


Kelli is an experienced business and people operations professional. Recognizing that people drive organizations to reach their maximum potential, she finds innovative ways to care for both the needs of the team and the organization. Kelli is passionate about creating inclusive work spaces where people are encouraged and able to bring their whole selves to work each day allowing them to do their best work.

She/her – based in Jensen Beach, FL

Portrait of Maggie Fernandes

Maggie Fernandes

Milwaukee Program Director

Maggie is a Software Engineering Manager at MacGregor Partners. After 10 years in the retail industry, she decided to make a career change into tech. Based on her journey back to school and starting over in a new industry, she has become passionate about creating safe spaces for others who are looking to make the same transition.

She/her – based in Milwaukee, WI

Becky Blank

Chair Emerita

Becky is a technical strategist and product manager currently putting her love of details and organization to work as the Director of Technical Operations for Ample. She has a passion for inclusion and gender equity in tech, which she applied during her five year tenure as leader of the Cincinnati chapter of Girl Develop It. Becky has also previously volunteered on the executive leadership team of Southwest Ohio HOBY.

She/her – based in Cincinnati, OH

Portrait of Kim Crayton

Kim Crayton

Chair Emerita

Kim is a CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), a business strategist, and founder of the #causeascene movement, business coach, a proud multipotentialite and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech. She has years of experience working with learners of all ages, skill levels, and abilities and is now using her knowledge to develop technical people, ideas, organizations, and communities. She is known for her skills as a problem solver and strategy developer.

She/her – based in Atlanta, GA